Top 25 Best Online Colleges in Texas

The great state of Texas has a massive number of students enrolled in online programs offered by its 146 universities.The number of online colleges in Texas and online students in the state continues to grow every year, keeping with the tradition of making everything bigger in Texas. Funding awarded to the state’s higher education is invested into expanding its online learning portals to offer accessible and affordable education options. The beauty of an online degree allows individuals to attend any college from any location and structure courses according to your own timeline preference. Texas especially has some of the best online colleges to choose from.

Traditional colleges are starting to strengthen and expand their online programs more and more, making a college education more accessible to thousands of people. The selection of online colleges in Texas is vast, ranging from large well-known universities to smaller liberal arts colleges. One huge benefit of the attending an online college is the ability to actively pursue a fulfilling career at the same time you complete school.

With a steady rise in online education users as well as programs, it is important to find the best university to enroll in that will best suit your needs. The majority of universities in Texas offer special tuition rates for adults, veterans, and active military members.

Here are the 25 best online schools in Texas

1. Midland College

Midland College Online Colleges in Texas

Midland College has a different take on online programs. While it does not offer online degrees, online courses can be taken to supplement required courses for students who belong to the Virtual College of Texas. These courses can be taken with other programs and classes to accelerate earning a degree. To make sure that students are taking the right courses, academic advisors are readily available for students to get the course credit they deserve. It is a great additional option for those already enrolled in an online program.

  • College Choice Score: 56.89
  • Acceptance Rate: 60.2%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $106.00

2. The University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington seeks to prepare students for more career responsibilities with a sharpened skill set. Offering 12-degree options, and access to UTA electronic services the university proudly serves its online students. Flexible terms and degree plans provided by UTA allow students to boost their resume by completing a degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

  • College Choice Score: 59.51
  • Acceptance Rate: 61.4%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $168.00

3. Lamar University

Lamar University Online Colleges in Texas

Lamar University holds its institution to high standards and ethical values that are evident in their practices. With 30 degrees and certificates available online, Lamar University has made it easy for students to complete their education online. Students who have previously completed a degree at Lamar, and are seeking to further their education within the school, will receive preferred admission status. Lamar has 2 academic programs in place to manage and deal with any problems relating to its online programs to provide a successful educational experience. Making sure to cover all aspects, Lamar even has a military program for both veterans and active duty which includes tuition assistance.

  • College Choice Score: 58.39
  • Acceptance Rate: 77.2%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $208.00

4. South Texas College

South Texas College Online Colleges in Texas

Ranking as one of the most affordable universities in Texas, this accredited college provides 30 online degrees and certificates and continues to grow each year. While some of the online degree programs require field studies, internships, and lab research, South Texas College assures its students they can complete additional course requirements from any location they are currently in. South Texas College supports transfer credits to apply towards earning a degree. They have many additional offerings to support its students and their academic journey. With an impressive 34,000 student body population, STC continues to provide affordable and supportive higher education.

  • College Choice Score: 52.64
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $225.00

5. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

University of Texas at the Permian Basin Online Colleges in Texas

For students looking for accelerated programs, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin makes for a great fit to earn a degree quickly. With the large expansion of online programs, this university has been prepared to support its online students with all the resources available. Degrees such as humanities, marketing sociology, are some of the university’s most popular programs.

  • College Choice Score: 55.27
  • Acceptance Rate: 87%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $288.00

6. Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University Online Colleges in Texas

Since 2001 Wayland Baptist University has been offering quality online programs in conjunction with its on site campus. Faith based learning and community service are the core of the University, and its learning and teachings are based on those values. Nursing, business, and Christian ministry are some of the most enrolled in degrees within WBU. Residency does not apply for its online programs, making online enrollment affordable and the same for in and out of state students. Distance students, although online can still participate in virtual religious services and Christian mission projects. The online academic calendar consists of four 11 week terms, with small class sizes allowing professors to be readily available if needed.

  • College Choice Score: 55.15
  • Acceptance Rate: 97.7%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $365.00

7. Tarleton State University

Tarleton State University Online Colleges in Texas

With many different types of occupations sought after, Tarleton State University has created many degree options to fill needs and interests of students different career goals. In addition to its main campus, Tarleton State University has four other outreach locations as a resource for students. Programs include, but not limited to; business, psychology, veterinary technology, health services and more. The same degree requirements are expected to be met for online students that are required for in person students. Many scholarship options are available through Tarleton to help aid the cost of tuition. As an incentive to complete a degree within the four-year mark, Tarleton offers a $1,000.00 tuition rebate for undergraduate students who meet this requirement.

  • College Choice Score:
  • Acceptance Rate: 71%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $382.36

8. Trinity University

Trinity University Online Colleges in Texas

Trinity University not only has an outstanding graduation rate of 80%, it is also a Christ centered university and devoted to building up its local community. It utilizes its technology for its online students to the best of its ability, for example, live streaming of chapel sessions, music concerts, and on campus events. In addition to its online programs, Trinity offers a career development process to guide students towards their career goals. TU encourages students to create their own mission statement according to their academic journey and passion for their studies. While Trinity fully supports its students, it also values independent achievement and progression and has provided the resources for students to complete their degree proudly and independently.

  • College Choice Score: 59.32
  • Acceptance Rate: 44%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $405.00

9. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman's University Online Colleges in Texas

Texas Woman’s University’s online education programs have been designed to better the education of students via technology. Faculty must take training courses and be certified to teach online to ensure that substantial teaching is taking place. TWU is well recognized for its student success, supporting over 15,000 students both online and onsite. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees are commonly pursued through this University.

  • College Choice Score: 53.96
  • Acceptance Rate: 85.3%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $412.00

10. Stephen F Austin State University

Stephen F Austin University Online Colleges in Texas

SFA online brings professional and quality courses right to students without the geographical or time sensitive barriers. A solid 20 programs are available to better further your education. Web conferencing is available to students to get help in every aspect of their college career. Stephen F Austin State University is dedicated to helping its students grow personally, academically, and within their chosen career path. The many testimonials from students can assure prospective students that this is a great university to be a part of.

  • College Choice Score: 52.19
  • Acceptance Rate: 58.5%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $420.00

11. Northwood University

Northwood University Online Colleges in Texas

Northwood University offers a variety of ways to complete a degree or multiple degrees if desired. With 25 programs both at bachelor’s and master’s level these options are a great match for a working individual to complete. Its business program is ranked high amongst others, seeking to teach emerging entrepreneurial leaders. Northwood University was specifically designed for online students, with flexibility as the key element to working around students needs.

  • College Choice Score: 53.53
  • Acceptance Rate: 69.5%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $425.00

12. Schreiner University

Schreiner University Online Colleges in Texas

Schreiner University is dedicated to helping its working students afford and complete an online degree program. From three online degree programs to choose from RN to BSN, Business Administration; Ethical Leadership Concentration, and Education, Schreiner University continues to grow and develop its online offerings. As a Presbyterian University, Schreiner has a holistic perspective when teaching and engaging its students. The programs are accredited independently by valued associations.

  • College Choice Score: 53.90
  • Acceptance Rate: 93.5%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $450.00

13. University of North Texas

University of North Texas Online Colleges in Texas

Located in the small town of Denton, Texas, UNT offers 25 online degrees across 8 colleges. Online forums allow students to get together both online and in person to create study groups. UNT maintains its national high-quality standards through its curriculum and expectations of students. Not online does UNT provide strong academics, it also has additional tools to help prepare students for after their degree. Tools such as resume workshops, interviewing practices, and job postings are encouraged for students to use while enrolled at the University of North Texas.

  • College Choice Score: 53.82
  • Acceptance Rate: 65.4%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $458.00

14. Midwestern State University

Midwestern State University Online Colleges in Texas

Midwestern State University offers both degree programs and stand-alone courses online. Known for its strong healthcare degree programs, MSU also offers a wide range of other degrees to choose from. MSU holds high standards for its online students, because of this students are required to attend online Distance Learning Orientation prior to starting courses. In addition to orientation, an online support services suite of programs which include, tutoring, mentoring, online library, and more have been put in place for student success. Upon completing a degree, MSU requires a few exit exams to assure students have obtained the correct communication and critical thinking skills that career fields look for in individuals.

  • College Choice Score: 58.42
  • Acceptance Rate: 61.6%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $458.00

15. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University Online Colleges in Texas

Sam Houston State University is one of the top picks for online universities in Texas. By following a semester based timeline, with hybrid options, students can complete their degree within three to five years. Home to more than 18,000 students, SHSU offers 25 completely online programs to prepare students for an excellent career. With its motto of ‘education everywhere for everyone’, SHSU’s online programs have been awarded and nationally recognized. From the school’s perspective, online and in person degrees are no different and holds to same high academic value. The university sets aside separate scholarship funding for online programs to allow online students to receive scholarship awards if they qualify.

  • College Choice Score: 52.78
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $466.50

16. LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University Online Colleges in Texas

While fairly new, LeTourneau has already developed an impressive online presence for its students seeking online degrees. Many working students are turning to LeTourneau’s online options with over 25 degrees and 5 departments to explore. LeTourneau has been recognized by US News and World Report as one of the best online colleges in Texas. Progressive learning is encouraged through its STEM degrees. Its online program system is designed for students to learn from professors as well as from other students. The founder of the university strongly believed in the importance of being able to earn a college degree for those working full time without giving up the job they have and need.

  • College Choice Score: 85.65
  • Acceptance Rate: 49.4%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $475.00

17. University of the Incarnate Word

University of the Incarnate Word Online Colleges in Texas

Being one of the leading online Universities, University of the Incarnate Word is proud to have developed an online program with an in person feel. Known for its education and psychology programs, the university offers 15-degree program options at both bachelor and master levels. The university was founded on five main values; faith, innovation, truth, education, and service. Building its curriculum off of these values has made for a unique learning experience. With shortened terms, degrees can be earned faster. Adding a ‘concentration’ to a degree can allow students to extensively learn about what they are interested in. UIW features free textbooks for online undergraduate students, special tuition rates, and military assistance and support.

  • College Choice Score: 68.11
  • Acceptance Rate: 93%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $515.00

18. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University Online Colleges in Texas

Texas Tech University offers over 60 degrees and certifications via their eLearning portal. Popular online majors include business, biology, and psychology. TTU gives its students the opportunity to adjust their degree courses and specializations into other studies. Enrolling over 35,000 students TTU has mastered its online portal services to provide 24/7 support to keep its students on track and in the loop. The University uses Blackboard for all of its online academics which provides tutorials, extra course materials, and more.

  • College Choice Score: 72.13
  • Acceptance Rate: 66.1%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $558.79

19. Lubbock Christian University

Lubbock Christian University Online Colleges in Texas

Lubbock Christian University understands the growing need for online programs and has continued to expand its online portal. A standard tuition rate for all students both resident and non-resident is set for students with the purpose of providing affordable education to all. LCU has 16 degrees and certificates to offer, some of which include management, business, psychology and more. Most popular degrees pursued from Lubbock are organizational management, business administration, and biblical interpretation.

  • College Choice Score: 54.70
  • Acceptance Rate: 94.3%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $571.00

20. Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University Online Colleges in Texas

The dedication that Southwestern Adventist University has put into its online programs is evident in its structure, curriculum, and student success. The university is mainly composed of liberal arts degrees, but have also expanded into other areas of expertise. SAU sees that an online education may be the only option for students who have other commitments, because of this the university is determined to acquire more online students as well as continue to help current students succeed.

  • College Choice Score: 58.73
  • Acceptance Rate: 49.6%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $578.00

21. University of Houston-Downtown

University of Houston-Downtown Online Colleges in Texas

Providing a wide range of degree programs to choose from, UHD enrolls approximately 14,000 students who are heavily active in the online programs. The majority of the degree programs are 100% online with the exception of some onsite orientation and lab research work. Academic support tools are offered for online students. UHD maintains its own facilities, faculty, institutional funding, and resources. Online students receive the same quality degree as in person students. Although the program is via technology, UHD creates an online atmosphere that is both engaging and interactive for its students and faculty.

  • College Choice Score: 51.69
  • Acceptance Rate: 84%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $585.00

22. West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&M University Online Colleges in Texas

West Texas A&M University specializes in teaching, business, education, and health care professions. It is consistently ranked as one of the best online schools in Texas, with 20 programs and hybrid options to choose from. WTAMU has developed a student success center as an available resource to all students needing additional assistance with their academics. Going to school on your own schedule has never been made easier by WEst Texas A&M University and its passion for student education.

  • College Choice Score: 53.63
  • Acceptance Rate: 67.4%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $587.63

23. The University of Texas at Tyler

University of Texas at Tyler Online Colleges in Texas

Recommended for nursing professionals, UT Tyler serves students from any device in any location. From the beginning of admissions, academic advisors are assigned to each student to help with the selection of majors, classes, scholarships, and more. For those students who desire both online and in-person courses, UT Tyler has developed a HyFlex program combining the two in the most efficient and beneficial way.

  • College Choice Score: 54.28
  • Acceptance Rate: 83.6%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $659.00

24. Baylor University

Baylor University Online Schools in Texas

Baylor is one of Texas’ most well-known universities to date. Only offering a few online degree options currently, Baylor remains a top ranked school for the state of Texas. Its most popular online degrees include master in nursing and master of business administration. Because of Baylor’s prestigious reputation, as it begins expanding its online degree portal, it can be assured that it is as stellar as its in person academics. US World News and Report state the University as one of the best schools especially for nursing degrees.

  • College Choice Score: 100
  • Acceptance Rate: 44%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $822.00

25. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University Online Colleges in Texas

One of the most proving online programs, Dallas Baptist University foundation stems from Christian Liberal Arts values. Its most recognized programs are business, management, and education. With roughly 1,800 students DBU offers 60 programs online with an option to earn a dual degree at the graduate level. Promising the same level of commitment and knowledge, faculty who teach in person classes also teach online classes to provide the same educational material and experience. Dallas Baptist University prides itself on its high 92% student completion rate.

  • College Choice Score: 56.86
  • Acceptance Rate: 46.2%
  • Tuition Per Credit: $846.00

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