Top 25 Best Online Accounting Programs

Do you crunch numbers for fun? Are you an expert mathematician and relish the opportunity to find order in an ocean of digits? Or maybe, you’re just interested in earning a healthy salary doing something you find enjoyable. Whatever your motivation, earning an accounting degree, especially through one of the best online accounting programs in the country can put you on the fast track to finding an exciting, rewarding career in an ever-growing field.

Accounting degrees provide information seeking and financial problem-solving skills, highly sought after by many professionals. An online degree in accounting can provide the necessary foundation to become a certified public accountant in a quick, affordable and flexible manner.

The many benefits of completing an online degree have led to an increase in commonality for online enrollment. Flexibility in study time, location, and course structure allows a student to maintain their work and social life while following a timeline that best suits them.

Here are the top 25 online accounting programs

1. Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana

Indiana Wesleyan University Accounting Program

Indiana Wesleyan University has been catering to higher education since 1985. Currently offering over 90 programs online with over 7 different levels of degrees and certificates, IWU can certainly be the right match. The Devoe School of Business provides an accredited Bachelors of Science in Accounting. The program is created to maximize the engagement and learning for online students. Students typically complete this online degree in 18-20 months, with extended options as well.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $17,100.00
  • Graduation Rate: 70%
  • Credit Hours: 42

2. Cleary University, Michigan

Cleary University Accounting Program

Cleary University understands that economics has a large influence in today’s functioning society. Due to this, the university has strongly promoted its accounting program to help teach students the ways of accounting and finance management to better improve financial markets. The program is based off business education courses to provide a substantial educational experience.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $19,500.00
  • Graduation Rate: 47%
  • Credit Hours:120

3. Liberty University, Virginia

Liberty University Accounting Program

Liberty University, the nation’s largest non-profit, private Christian University focuses on preparing its students to become effective business leaders. Its comprehensive program is designed to assist students to think critically and to solve complex accounting issues. US News and World Report ranked Liberty University in the top 100 online bachelor’s degree in the nation. There are many benefits for attending Liberty that include credit for prior training and certificates, as well as high rates of financial aid.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $19,968.00
  • Graduation Rate: 50.3%
  • Credit Hours:120

4. Bemidji State University, Minnesota

Bemidji State University Accounting Program

Bemidji State centers around the core values of environmental stewardship, multi-cultural understanding, and civic engagement. Known for being one of the best universities in the Midwest, Bemidji provides the strongest education fundamentals to succeed in any position. The program can be completed in as little as 2 years, with the requirement of 24 credits completed prior to enrolling in the program. Online students have full access to faculty as well as any assistance needed while enrolled.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $20,448.00
  • Graduation Rate: 46.7%
  • Credit Hours: 71

5. Auburn University, Alabama

Auburn University Accounting Program

The accounting program at Auburn University is in the Business Administration field with a focus in accounting. Online students receive the same instruction and have access to streaming videos and materials from in person classrooms. With only 30 semester hours required for the completion of this degree, Auburn makes it easy for a student juggling work, social, and family life. Earning an accounting degree online from Auburn University can lead to developing a student’s career.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $23,325.00
  • Graduation Rate: 68%
  • Credit Hours: 30

6. University of Connecticut, Connecticut

University of Connecticut Accounting Program

UCONN has available to students an Accounting Certificate Program at the graduate level. The certificate can be completed in two to four semesters, based on the student’s preference. The program is innovative with course material being interactive and engaging. The Accounting Certificate Program is an excellent option to get ahead in an accounting career.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $24,750.00
  • Graduation Rate: 82%
  • Credit Hours: 30

7. Northwood University, Michigan

Northwood University Online Accounting Programs

Northwood University creates strong accountants with the goal of becoming valuable business mentors. Northwood also provides opportunities to be a part of professional associations that can help start a student’s career. The four-year program ensures that students will have the tools to be successful in the accounting and business field.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $25,130.00
  • Graduation Rate: 55.2%
  • Credit Hours: 123

8. Columbia College, Missouri

Columbia College Accounting Program

Columbia College has successfully grown its online student community offering nearly 400 online classes including 27 programs to choose from, accounting is one of them. The accounting program prepares students for entry level positions as well as graduate level degrees. While the program focuses on accounting it does include other topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, managing, and more.  

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $31,200.00
  • Graduation Rate: 42%
  • Credit Hours: 120

9. American Public University, Virginia

American Public University Accounting Program

American Public University offers a four year BS program in accounting online. After completing the required coursework and exams, one final course will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that have been taught. From basic to advanced information, American Public University covers it all. The institution prides itself on providing affordable tuition while still keeping the same high level of education standards. The program was carefully designed and put into place by an advisory council of industry experts to ensure the curriculum is relevant and useful to the student.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $32,670.00
  • Graduation Rate: 45.4%
  • Credit Hours: 121

10. Old Dominion University, Virginia

Old Dominion University Accounting Program

Old Dominion features online accounting courses as well as the option to watch an in person classroom in real time, online. Accelerated formats of the 120-hour credit degree are available. Students must have all lower-division completed before admission into the program. While the program is broad-based, it still provides the information and in-depth knowledge that a degree holds.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $36,780.00
  • Graduation Rate: 51.4%
  • Credit Hours: 120

11. Florida Atlantic University, Florida

Florida Atlantic University Accounting Program

Florida Atlantic University has designed its accounting program in preparation for students to obtain additional certificates as well as pursue advanced education. FAU requires the completion of the Accounting Competency Exam prior to registering for classes within the accounting program. Florida Atlantic University desires to see its students succeed and have put criteria in place to do that.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $37,960.00
  • Graduation Rate: 46%
  • Credit hours: 120

12. Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire University Accounting Program

Southern New Hampshire is a private, non-profit Institution with over 200 career-focused online programs. The accounting program put in place allows students to solve business challenges and gain skills that employers are seeking. Students seeking to earn both their BS and MS have the option to enroll in the accelerated program as a quicker way to meet qualifications. With an expertise in financial analysis, Southern New Hampshire University can guarantee success in the accounting field.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $38,400.00  
  • Graduation Rate: 52%
  • Credit Hours: 120

13. St. Joseph’s College, Maine

St. Joseph College Accounting Program

St. Joseph’s College is passionate about personalized, career centered education for online students. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration With an Accounting Specialization program prepares business students for accounting certificates and the beginnings of their careers. The ‘fast track’ program is an option as well as transferring up to 25% in credits to get the most out of your education. The program is intended to teach the instructional skills required for business administration and management as well as the fundamentals of accounting from a perspective of two types of degrees in one.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $41,375.00
  • Graduation Rate: 58.9%
  • Credit Hours: 125

14. Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Accounting Program

Clarion University has greatly invested in building their online programs, that are well respected and noted among US News and World Report. Not only are they known for their online programs, the University has a successful internship program providing students with opportunities and real life skills for their accounting careers in the future.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $41,402.00
  • Graduation Rate: 51.2%
  • Credit Hours: 127

15. Colorado State University, Colorado

Colorado State University Accounting Program

Colorado State University’s accounting program challenges its students to think bigger. By focusing on what the student is interested in, CSU has added an element of ‘specialization’ to their program to better fit the needs and interests of the students’ learning experience. This specialization option includes an additional 15 credit hours with 27 options to choose from. With such a unique program CSU offers high-quality education and flexibility to each of its students.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $42,000.00
  • Graduation Rate: 64.5%
  • Credit Hours: 120

16. Regent University, Virginia

Regent University Online Accounting Programs

As a private research college, Regent University offers more than 95 degrees both on campus and online. While the accounting program is rigorous, it is also flexible and affordable. The accounting program will expose students to law and ethics, financial management, and more. By earning a top accounting degree from this university, students will be proficient in all aspects of accounting and business. These courses are over an 8 week period, and professors teach from a Christian point of view.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $47,400.00
  • Graduation Rate: 50.5%
  • Credit Hours: 120

17. University of Maryland University College, Maryland

University of Maryland University College Online Accounting Programs

The accounting program at UMUC is highly recommended for those who are critical thinkers and good with numbers. With those set skills that accounting requires, the program can help students in theory and practice to become a strong accountant. The courses are very individualized including a wide range of topics to explore that go hand in hand with accounting.

  • Estimate Tuition Cost: $49,344.00
  • Graduation Rate 5.6%
  • Credit Hours: 120

18. Colorado Technical University, Colorado

Colorado Technical University Online Accounting Programs

With high-quality programs, Colorado Technical University proudly serves online students. Within the accounting program courses such as interpersonal communication, and other necessary skills are incorporated into the curriculum. The University’s focus is to provide all necessary tools to become a hireable key asset to a company once a student graduates.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $49,472.00
  • Graduation Rate: 24.6%
  • Credit Hours: 183

19. Bellevue University, Nebraska

Bellevue University Account

Providing quality accessible education for the working student, Bellevue University has over 10,000 students enrolled in their online programs. While still online, the accounting program allows students to still learn hands on material and gain the full experience. For preparation for the CPA exam, Bellevue ensures that from coursework and internships within the program, students will be prepared for exams and interviews ahead.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $52,070.00
  • Graduation Rate: 37%
  • Credit Hours: 127

20. Tiffin University, Ohio

Tiffin University Accounting Program

While leading to versatility, the accounting program at Tiffin allows students both short term and long term career paths. The program challenges students to think critically for practical applications. The courses are offered in two 7-week terms. An internship is required to gain valuable experience, which often leads to full-time hire after the internship concludes.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $53,240.00
  • Graduation Rate: 33%
  • Credit Hours:121

21. DeSales University, Pennsylvania

DeSales University Accounting Program

Accounting majors are one of the most recruited graduates, and DeSales Catholic University understands this and has invested in the online accounting program.This private university prides itself on its student success and spiritual enlightenment. The Division of Business program is a flexible range of courses for students interested in specific topics within accounting. DeSales also offers up to 75 credits to be transferred, as well as 11 start dates throughout the year to better fit your schedule.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $56,880.00
  • Graduation Rate: 70.5%
  • Credit Hours: 120

22. Regis University, Colorado

Regis University Accounting Program

Ranking in the top 100 universities for best online bachelor’s degree programs by US News and World Report, Regis offers an accelerated online accounting program. There are multiple options to complete this degree and more. Dual enrollment in the BSBA and MBA programs allows students to have the opportunity to receive as much experience and learning as desired. With a foundation heavily built on ethics, Regis University prepares its students for accounting careers in the government, businesses, and public accounting firms.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $58,930.00
  • Graduation Rate: 58.6%
  • Credit Hours: 120

23. Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Northeastern University Accounting Program

Northeastern University’s online program provides the opportunity to earn a B.S in Finance and Accounting Management. The program is designed for four-year completion but can be adjusted to the student’s needs, including a fast track option. Course include but are not limited to International Finance, Business Ethics, Business Law and more. This program prepares students by developing the skills and mindset to think analytically and qualitatively for the finance and accounting field ahead.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $60,480.00
  • Graduation Rate: 82.1%
  • Credit Hours: 120

24. The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama

University of Alabama at Birmingham Accounting Program

Currently, one of the most sought after programs in the southeast, The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online accounting program prepares its students for future accounting exams and has many networking opportunities as well. UAB’s Collat School of Business allows transferring of credits and has a range of scholarships available for qualified candidates. This program has a diverse curriculum which explores all aspects of accounting, such as information technology, international business, and business communication.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $61,848.00
  • Graduation Rate: 48%
  • Credit Hours: 48

25. Washington State University, Washington

Washington State University Online Accounting Programs

The Carson College of Business at Washington State offers an accredited online college program. This program requires a completion of 30 credit hours in business administration prior to completing an accounting degree. An additional requirement of a 6 credit international experience must be completed throughout the course, to provide the skill set for students in the global marketplace.

  • Estimated Tuition Cost: $68,400.00
  • Graduation Rate: 77.2%
  • Credit Hours: 90

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