The 25 Best Online MBA Programs of 2017

For anyone in the business field looking to take a major step forward in their career or in their education, pursuing an MBA is a great option, especially through one of many great accredited online MBA programs. Having a Masters in Business Administration can be a huge boost to your marketability in the job search, a great argument for increased salary, or simply a means to greatly improve your individual skill set. Many MBA programs also offer specialized programs so you can tailor your education to specific needs or interests depending on your long-term goals.

Although pursuing an MBA is a great investment, it can be extremely costly and time-consuming to earn the degree. However, in a world driven forwards by technology in every sector, the opportunity to receive an MBA is more widespread thanks to the capacity for completing your studies online. Getting your MBA online allows you to complete your degree anywhere at anytime. You can study at home on your couch late at night or in a state on the other side of the country from the university where you’re earning your degree.

Obviously, the cost of education is still extremely high, but the ability to complete the requirements at any time and anywhere in the world increase the feasibility of such an accomplishment. MBA students can even work at the same time as completing an online degree. Finishing schooling online allows total flexibility while still becoming the next-level businessman you’re looking to become. With that in mind,

Here are the best online MBA programs in 2017

1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Nebraska

One of the reasons the University of Nebraska makes the top of the list is the unique combination of options for the busy MBA student. The school not only offers the degree on campus and online but also provides an opportunity for a mixed campus-online study program. You can finish your degree from a different part of the world or take advantage of face-to-face interactions with students and professors by splitting time on your laptop and on campus. With the University of Nebraska, you can also pair your MBA with Juris Doctor law degree or a Master’s of Architecture. For total value and flexibility, Nebraska provides the best of both worlds.

  • $25,488 Tuition Cost
  • 48 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 89% Acceptance Rate

2. Temple University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Temple

Based in Philadelphia, the Fox School of Business from Temple University offers a top-ranked education for a top-level cost. One of the biggest advantages of completing your online MBA degree at Temple is the engaging nature of the classes. Beginning with a week-long residency to jump start your degree and network, the program then relies on state of the art technology to quickly advance our education. You can engage with other students and professors through HD video recordings, conferencing technology, and live classes on a weekly basis. Another huge upside is that 77% of applicants are accepted.

  • $67,230 Tuition Cost
  • 54 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 189 Graduates since 2009

3. Hope International University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Hope International

Hope International University also provides the ideal combination of flexibility and high-quality education. Located in Fullerton, California, this university offers the option of five different program concentrations including international development and business as social/mission entrepreneurship among others. Hope International boasts solid research training, a blended curriculum of theory and practice, and high-level instruction from professional and experienced faculty.

  • $30,250 Tuition Cost
  • 36 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 42% Graduation Rate

4. Asbury University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Asbury

This university out of Kentucky is another great blend of flexibility, educational prestige, and affordability. Asbury University allows a few different options for completing the online MBA program degree: a two-year cohort-based completion model, a four plus one bachelor’s and master’s option, and a study-at -your-own-pace version. Studying at your own pace can mean completion of a majority of the 36 credit hours in as little as eight weeks. For a dedicated, organized student looking to dictate his schedule, Asbury may be the best option.

  • $33,605 Tuition Cost
  • 36 Credit Hour Requirement
  • More than 20% of total student body is online

5. University of New Hampshire Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -New Hampshire

Founded in 1822, the University of New Hampshire is a public research institution with a student base upwards of 15,000. The online MBA can be completed in as little as two years or as many as six, allowing greater flexibility and customization for people with different schedules. The university offers several different specializations including things like marketing and supply chain management, entrepreneurial venture creation, and hospitality management. One interesting aspect of the university is its focus on environmental sustainability, recognized as one of the 15 most sustainable universities in the nation.

  • $42,500 Tuition Cost
  • 48 Credit Hour Requirement
  • “MF ‘17” Military Friendly School

6. University of Illinois Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Illinois

Located between Urbana and Champaign, the University of Illinois is an expansive university well-recognized for its achievements and resources. The university is home to the second largest library in the nation and hosts 44,000 students currently. The iMBA program from the University is also one of the nation’s best-providing students with the option of specialization in Global Challenges in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, or Digital Marketing in a very collaborative environment. The program is also very affordable with students able to complete the entire degree for around $20,000.

  • $20,000 Tuition Cost
  • 72 Credit Hour Requirement
  • Top 5 School for Engineering

7. University of Texas at Dallas Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Texas at Dallas

Despite being the only Texas school on this list, the University of Texas at Dallas is a great option for anyone in the Lone Star State looking for advanced business education. This is another school that allows the flexibility of a combination of online and on-campus classes. The program in itself is also extremely flexible allowing enrollees to determine their path through the degree themselves. The MBA student body is made up of extremely experienced individuals with 97% of students entering the program already employed and the average enrollee having nearly seven years of work experience.

  • $45,000 Tuition Cost
  • 53 Credit Hour Requirement
  • Average Student Age: 30

8. Auburn University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Auburn

Auburn University in Alabama has been providing distance-learning options since 1989. With on-campus lectures recorded each day, online students can take advantage of the exact same course material for students on the university campus. New MBA students can also participate in an abbreviated orientation to solidify the first few steps towards the degree. The program is another that offers dual graduate degree options for those looking to gain even more experience and skill and graduate with multiple degrees.

  • $47,196 Tuition Cost
  • 39 Credit Hour Requirement
  • AACSB Accredited

9. University of South Florida Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -South Florida

Nationally recognized for its faculty credentials and training, the University of South Florida holds the highest position of any Florida school on this list. One of the most unique things about the Tiedemann School of Business is its focus on corporate social responsibility, an increasingly important aspect of any company, new or well-established, looking to increase public trust and overall growth. With small classes and access to the experienced faculty, online MBA students get the same quality of education as on-campus attendees, but with the ability to study from anywhere in the country.

  • $47,500 Tuition Cost
  • 33 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 85% of Graduates Working in Their Field at the Time of Graduation

10. IE University (Madrid, Spain) Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -IE University

As the only International school on this list, the IE University online master’s program provides a truly unique and global graduate degree experience. MBA students come from all over the world and form part of a global community contributing to phenomenal networking opportunities. The graduate degrees from the Madrid-based university are also offered in English, Spanish, or a combination of the two. Although the school only accepts 42% of applicants, IE University has produced over 1,000 graduates since 2006. For the full-time International MBA, the student body is slightly younger with an average age of 29 and have around five years of work experience.

  • $49,363 Tuition Cost
  • 1 Year in Length
  • Bilingual Enrollment Options

11. North Carolina State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -North Carolina State

With NC State University, program flexibility is of utmost importance. Students have the option of completing their degree in a 21-month accelerated course of study or stretching out the program for a full six years. The school also increases flexibility with options for face-to-face education or instruction completely online. NC State is another school enjoying the gold standard of accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. With an average age of 34 for the online student body, NC State is another college made up of very experienced individuals.

  • $53,685 Tuition Cost
  • 40 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 59% Acceptance Rate

12. Arizona State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Arizona State University

Although the online MBA program at Arizona State University is made up of 100% online content, the program encourages its focus of teamwork and student body unity by beginning the program with an on-campus orientation. After this initial structured program kick-off, the degree offers complete flexibility, allowing students to complete coursework and exams at any time during each 5-week course. This approach has shown to be extremely successful with the school proudly helping upwards of 1,600 students graduate since the online program began in 2004.

  • $53,900 Tuition Cost
  • 48 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 99% of Students are Employed Full-Time

13. University of Indiana Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Indiana

The University of Indiana- Bloomington has offered an online MBA program for just under 20 years, beginning in 1999. Through the course of the degree which can be completed anytime in the range of two to five years, students receive instruction from many faculty members who have taught for over ten years. To supplement this quality of education, the 51 credit hour program allows the variety of 12 elective credit hours and the option of pursuing multiple degrees while completing the online MBA. Another unique aspect of the Kelley Business School is the opportunity to take part of the Washington Campus program, allowing students to combine business and political education.

  • $58,395 Tuition Cost
  • 51 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 75% Acceptance Rate

14. University of Utah Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of Utah

Salt Lake City is the home of the David Eccles School of Business of the University of Utah. The U of U is another program that focuses on providing an opportunity for interactive education through web conferencing technologies. Apart from this in-depth education directly with faculty members, on-demand lectures are available 24/7 allowing students to complete coursework any time of the day. Despite establishment in 2014, the school has already been nationally recognized in several publications as a top-level online MBA program.

  • $58,500 Tuition Cost
  • 48 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 78 Total Online Enrollees

15. Syracuse University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Syracuse

The New York school has one of the oldest online programs in the nation. Although coming at a very high cost, the online MBA through Syracuse University is one of the most respected in the nation. The school offers six different specializations including entrepreneurship and business analytics. Another huge benefit of completing the degree from Syracuse is the services offered to students including a virtual career center, personalized career coaching, and global networking opportunities. Although around 1,000 students apply for the program on an annual basis, the school admits a substantial 77%.

  • $81,000 Tuition Cost
  • 54 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 91% of Online Students are Enrolled Part-time

16. Oklahoma State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma provides one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the nation. Although the degree has a strict focus on Nonprofit Management, students can complete the entire program for less than $9,000. For anyone with interest in non-profit business management, OSU is an incredible option. The Spears school of business has an impressive 61% online MBA graduation rate and reports an average early-career salary of $75,000. To provide increased flexibility, the school does offer options for part-time or full-time enrollment for the busy working student.

  • $8,807 Tuition Cost
  • 43 Credit Hour Requirement (Full-time)
  • 35,000 total students and five different campuses

17. University of North Carolina Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of North Carolina

UNC at Chapel Hill is widely regarded as one of the very best online MBA programs in the nation. However, the top-tier education comes at an astronomical price. UNC assists online students through a valuable combination of flexibility and engagement with weekly live classes through cutting-edge technology. The program can be completed in as little as a year and a half or as long as three years. The program also includes an individual career management plan allowing students to customize their education and work towards specific career goals. The program currently hosts more than 1,000 online students.

  • $91,225 Tuition Cost
  • 66 Credit Hour Requirement
  • Established in 2011

18. University of North Dakota Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota Online MBA begins a string of more affordable options for completing the online graduate degree. As one of the oldest colleges in North Dakota, the school has a complete student body of over 15,000 with over 2,000 belonging to the graduate school of business and public administration. Online students are also offered the option of pursuing a general MBA or a specialized focus on International Business.

  • $12,614 Tuition Cost
  • 34 Credit Hour Requirement
  • AACSB-International accreditation

19. Southeast Missouri State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Southeastern Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University is located in Cape Girardeau Missouri. The four-year public institution annually hosting around 12,000 students on campus is another affordable option. This school allows completion of the online degree for under $11,000 while still offering quality education with the obvious flexibility of the online curriculum. After completing the general business core requirements, students at SMSU can specialize in any of three different concentrations of general management, sports management, or health administration.

  • $10,725 Tuition Cost
  • 33 Credit Hour Requirement
  • AACSB-International accreditation

20. Bemidji State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Bemidji State University

The Minnesota-based school is another extremely affordable option for online MBA degree completion. Sitting next to Lake Bemidji, Bemidji State University is well-known for its excellent undergraduate programs. The online MBA is another spectacular feature of the college giving online students the flexibility of completing their degrees in as little as a year or spreading the load by taking as little as two courses a semester. Financial aid is also often available to students already enjoying the lower cost of in-state tuition despite studying online from anywhere in the country. Bemidji provides exceptional value for anyone looking to complete their MBA online.

  • $17,000 Tuition Cost
  • 30 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 44 States and 40 Countries Represented on Campus

21. University of Florida Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of Florida

Even with the online program, the University of Florida has created a strong emphasis on caring for its students and providing for their success. Online MBA students visit campus every four months for more personalized face-to-face interactions. These students also have access to career counselors providing guidance and information about career opportunities. The AACSB-accredited school also counts on great experience in providing online opportunities as the university established online programs in 1999. Over half of all applicants are admitted to the program with the school having produced over 1,500 graduates.

  • $56,696 Tuition Cost
  • 48 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 99% of Online Students Enter Program Employed

22. Union University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Union University

Union University, based in Jackson Tennessee provides a unique ethics and faith-based focus for online MBA students. The university prides itself on its Christ-centered education. Union University delivers on flexibility allowing recent graduates located close to the campus to accelerate their study through a nighttime in-person class schedule. For students unable to attend the physical campus, normal online options and schedules are available. Union University also sits as one of the most affordable universities on this list.

  • $19,080 Tuition Cost
  • 33 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 2 Campuses Apart from Online Options

23. University of Central Arkansas Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas is another school on our list providing quality education at an exceptional value. The university, located in Conway, Arkansas is a 30 credit hour program allowing students the flexibility of online classes and option for specialization in any of four different areas. As another school offering an online MBA for around $20,000 for the entire program, UCA is a great option for students with varying professional and personal circumstances.

  • $11,076 Tuition Cost
  • 30 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 4 Concentration Areas

24. Ball State University Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -Ball State University

Ball State University is another online program built from experience. Online graduate school options were first established for the school in 1983, and the program has produced over 900 graduates since. A few exciting notes for potential students is the 92% acceptance rate for the program and the instruction being 100% online. The average age for individuals in the program is 30 with these students already having 6.5 years of working experience.

  • $24,948 Tuition Cost
  • 30 Credit Hour Requirement
  • 924 Online MBA Graduates

25. University of North Alabama Online MBA

Online MBA Programs -University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama is another college, similar to others on this list, providing flexible online education from an accredited, though smaller university for an extremely affordable price. UNA offers a number of concentrations within the online MBA program including Information Systems, Accounting, Innovative Economic Development, Finance, International Business, Healthcare Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, and ERP Systems using SAP. Full-time workers can make a confident investment with the program as total cost for completing the degree comes in at under $15,000.

  • $14,450 Tuition Cost
  • 34 Credit Hour Requirement
  • AACSB Accreditation

This list was created through a unique ranking system considering a few of the most important factors for potential online MBA seekers. Overall tuition cost played a huge role in school order as full-time workers seeking an online MBA are deeply concerned with the value of the degree and the feasibility of financing the online education. School notoriety or recognition also played a significant role in further sorting the schools. Finally, the flexibility of schedule, options for concentration, and student services dictated the final order of the list.

We know that finding the best school for your unique situation and interests can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve evaluated thousands of school based on the factors most important to you. For more information about our evaluation and ranking system, as well as other lists that were ranked by the factors most important to you, see our methodology page.

If you’re looking for a great online MBA program, check the schools on our list. Don’t see your school listed here? We’d love to recognize any online MBA program providing a top-tier education at a great value in a future list. Contact us today!