Online Colleges in New York- The Top 25 of 2017

Rates of individuals seeking higher education have ballooned over the last fifty years, especially in modern cities like New York. Individuals of all ages are looking for ways to take the next step towards their career goals, becoming more marketable in the job search and creating a foundation for future success. With the continued advance of technology, a college education has become more accessible to people in all walks of life. Just consider the growing number of online colleges in New York!

 One huge reason for the increased opportunity for a college degree is the increased prevalence of online colleges. Individuals who work during the day, live in a remote area, or can’t attend the physical location of a university for any number of reasons now have access to college-level education with a laptop and an internet connection. For busy people with specific needs, online schooling can be the perfect solution and be an incredible investment in their personal future.

New York is filled with motivated and busy people working to fulfill professional and personal dreams. With over 50 New York online colleges, aspiring students and professionals can build a personalized education, fitting their specific schedule and needs. However, with the huge number of online courses and colleges available, finding the best opportunity and value can be a struggle for people in the empire state. To ease the search for the ideal online schooling experience, here are some of the best online schooling options in the state of New York.

The Best Online Colleges in New York

  1. New York University

Online Colleges in New York- NYU

Since 1934, New York University has been an integral part of the heart of New York City. NYU is deeply connected to the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s capitals, offering degrees in a huge number of fields ranging from arts to global affairs and enhancing education with field trips, industry events, and off-site lectures. The institution is respected across the country as well as internationally and boasts the best graduation rate of any school on the list. For the true New Yorker, this school is a perfect fit online or otherwise.

  • 83% Graduation Rate
  • 16 Online Programs
  • $46,170 Tuition
  • 35% Acceptance Rate
  1. Syracuse University

Online Colleges in New York -Syracuse

On top of a national power basketball team, Syracuse University boasts a powerful online education presence. Also located right in New York City, the Orange prides itself on incredible diversity in both educational opportunity and enrolled students. With alumni in 160 countries and current students from all 50 states and an additional 123 countries, the university is truly global. Students with big dreams and aspirations are welcomed and propelled into successful professional careers with degrees available in over 200 majors and 100 minors.

  • 82% Graduation Rate
  • 16 Online Programs
  • $41,886 Tuition
  • 53% Acceptance Rate
  1. Marist College

Online Colleges in New York -Marist

As a technological standard-bearer, Marist College provides online academic excellence in a number of different degrees. Recognized by the U.S. News & World Report, Time, and The Princeton Review, Marist built itself from humble beginnings to become a leader in arts and sciences with a unique dedication to higher human values. Marist sits between NYC and Albany on the banks of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York. Although more affordable than the previous two colleges on the list, Marist still offers 47 Bachelor programs, 14 Master’s programs, and an additional 14 Certificate programs.

  • 78% Graduation Rate
  • 7 Online Programs
  • $33,840 Tuition
  • 45% Acceptance Rate
  1. Concordia College

Online Colleges in New York -Concordia

Concordia College sits about 30 minutes outside of New York City in the village of Bronxville. One distinguishing aspect of the college is its close-knit student community with about 60% of students living on campus. 90% of students also receive some form of financial aid from the Lutheran-initiated institution. Concordia is recognized for its Nursing program as well as the Global Lecture series. Due to the affluence of Bronxville, the village is home to UN Diplomats, a number of corporate executives and other high-level professionals which creates a valuable connection network for students.

  • 71% Graduation Rate
  • 50 Online Programs
  • $30,550 Tuition
  • 75% Acceptance Rate
  1. Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook University online colleges in New York


Stony Brook University is widely regarded as one of the top online universities in the state of New York. Located in its namesake, Stony Brook, the small university boasts a phenomenal graduation rate with an average class size of 16 students, allowing for more personalized instruction. The Seawolves were voted among the top 100 universities in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. With more than 25,000 students and 200 undergraduate programs, the educational opportunity in Stony Brook is diverse and very broad.

  • 71% Graduation Rate
  • 11 Online Programs
  • $8,430 Tuition
  • 41% University Acceptance Rate
  1. Canisius College

Online Colleges in New York -Canisius

Located in Buffalo, Canisius College is a private Jesuit college. With a specialty in healthcare and education, the college offers 180 different programs catering to 4,500 students. The CPA and Pre-Medical programs are exceptionally well-developed. The Griffs also host 20 Division I athletic teams. As for the faculty, 97% have a Ph.D. or terminal degree and the average class size for each professor is 11. Canisius is a perfect fit for service-oriented individuals at the college perform 55,000 hours of community service a year.

  • 70% Graduation Rate
  • 5 Online Programs
  • $35, 424 Tuition
  • 80% Acceptance Rate
  1. St. Joseph’s College- New York

Online Colleges in New York -St. Joseph's

Apart from its online offerings, St. Joseph’s also has locations in both Long Island and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn location offers the professional and educational benefits of Manhattan with close location to Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum and the New York Public Library. St. Joseph’s offers more than 50 Undergraduate majors and helps more than 77 percent of students with financial aid.

  • 68% Graduation Rate
  • 14 Online Programs
  • $22, 830 Tuition
  • 70% Acceptance Rate
  1. CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Online Colleges in New York -CUNY Graduate

Right in the heart of Manhattan, The CUNY Graduate School and University Center offers a number of different graduate programs. Currently, 87% of the student body is enrolled in doctoral programs. The institution is the center of the nation’s largest urban public university funneling students from all CUNY colleges to pursue the highest levels of education from 140 core expert staff members.

  • 67% Graduation Rate
  • 15 Online Programs
  • $6,460
  • 18% Acceptance Rate
  1. Adelphi University

Online Colleges in New York -Adelphi

Adelphi offers 4 different locations in New York on top of extensive fully-online degrees in several disciplines. Another diverse school, the University represents 38 states and 46 different countries. Its 4,852 undergraduate students excelled in high school with an average GPA of 3.5 and an average SAT of 1121. Garden City, Manhattan, Suffolk County, and Hudson Valley extend the University’s reach and the opportunity for students to attend on top of the online programs from Adelphi.

  • 66% Graduation Rate
  • 14 Online Programs
  • $34, 240 Tuition
  • 72% Acceptance Rate
  1. The New School

Online Colleges in New York -The New School

Perhaps the most unique university on this list, the New School supports the idea of dissolving the walls between disciplines, allowing students of different majors to collaborate. Founded in 1919, the school offers over 135 undergraduate and graduate programs with a specialization in design, media, and the arts. The New School has urban academic centers in New York City, but also in Paris and Mumbai.

  • 65% Graduation Rate
  • 10 Online Programs
  • $41,870 Tuition
  • 66% Acceptance Rate
  1. Niagara University


Online Colleges in New York -Niagara


Another University in the Buffalo area, Niagara University offers more than 80 majors and options from 29 graduate programs. The vast majority of students come from New York State with 6% coming from out of state and 18% from Canada and other foreign countries. Rooted in its Catholic tradition, the school puts a big emphasis on service and community outreach. Niagra University has been around since 1856.

  • 65% Graduation Rate
  • 4 Online Programs
  • $28,500 Tuition
  • 66% Acceptance Rate
  1. Trocaire College

Online Colleges in New York -Trocaire

Trocaire College is one of the most affordable private colleges in western New York. With a 10 to 1 student to faculty ratio, individuals pursuing career-oriented degrees benefit from personalized instruction in a tight-knit community from expert faculty. Trocaire focuses on the medical-related fields with options in Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor degree programs.

  • 64% Graduation Rate
  • 3 Online Programs
  • $15, 820 Tuition
  • 58% Acceptance Rate
  1. Rochester Institute of Technology


Online Colleges in New York -RIT

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers a variety of online programs ranging from Communication and Digital Media to Applied Technical Leadership. Located just outside of Rochester, the institute is quite costly at nearly $1000 per credit hour. RIT also has several international locations in China, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo. The 121,000 RIT alumni have also benefitted from one of the largest cooperative education programs in the world, placing 4,400 students a year in co-op assignments across the states and internationally.

  • 64% Graduation Rate
  • 16 Online Programs
  • $ 39,506 Tuition
  • 57% Acceptance Rate
  1. SUNY College at Oswego


Online Colleges in New York -SUNY at Oswego


As part of the State University of New York system, SUNY College at Oswego currently has 7,000 undergraduate students. Online, SUNY at Oswego offers three bachelor’s degrees in broadcasting and mass communication, public justice, and vocational teacher preparation. The school was initially founded in 1861 to train primary school teachers.

  • 63% Graduation Rate
  • 18 Online Programs
  • $7,581 Tuition
  • 51% Acceptance Rate
  1. Hofstra University


Online Colleges in New York -Hofstra

Another school located close to the Big Apple, Hofstra University is located in Hempstead, New York. The University is well known for hosting presidential debates in the last 3 races. Students enjoy a 14 to 1 student to teacher ratio in the 140 undergraduate and 150 graduate programs.

  • 60% Graduation Rate
  • 8 Online Programs
  • $38,900 Tuition
  • 62% Acceptance Rate
  1. Pace University

Online Colleges in New York -Pace

Pace University traditionally plays host to the Tribeca Film Festival and several other local performing arts festivals. The university is widely recognized for its law and business schools. Pace offers 16 online degrees at both the bachelor’s and master’s level. Located in the New York metropolitan area, the school is a more affordable option for students with some degree of higher education with a rate of $555 per credit hour.

  • 50% Graduation Rate
  • 16 Online Programs
  • $39,697 Tuition
  • 85% Acceptance Rate
  1. Davis College

Online Colleges in New York

Davis College calls Johnson City home and has deep biblical roots, originally established as a bible training school. The college has a clear focus of preparing future Christian leaders with programs in areas such as intercultural ministries and Christian counseling. Outside of the religious emphasis the college offers degrees in organizational leadership and teaching English as a foreign language.

  • 48% Graduation Rate
  • 10 Online Programs
  • $14,046 Tuition
  • 48% Acceptance Rate
  1. Medaille College

Online Colleges in New York -Medaille

Right in the heart of Buffalo, Medaille College is an integral part of the city. The college sits close to parks, the Buffalo Zoo, professional sports venues, and the vibrant cultural scene of downtown Buffalo. With 11 online degrees, Medaille College offers an opportunity for students seeking education in anything from business administration to health information management.

  • 45% Graduation Rate
  • 11 Online Programs
  • $26,252 Tuition
  • 62% Acceptance Rate
  1. D’Youville College

Online Colleges in New York -D'Youville

D’Youville College in Buffalo is another college providing great value for students at the physical campus and online. 99% of the 3,000 students at DYC receive some type of financial aid. DYC also boasts the highest early-career salary for college graduates in western New York. With 5 bachelor’s programs available online, DYC provides great value and flexibility for the cost of tuition.

  • 44% Graduation Rate
  • 5 Online Programs
  • $23,562 Tuition
  • 69% Acceptance Rate
  1. Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Online Colleges in New York -Vaughn

Vaughn College is an aviation and engineering school in the perfect location right next to La Guardia airport, just a few minutes from downtown Manhattan. Although with a somewhat limited scope of education, the college is phenomenal at getting students into promising careers. 81% of Vaughn graduates are employed in their field or have continued their education within one year. 98% of graduates are employed in some field within one year.

  • 39% Graduation Rate
  • 4 Online Programs
  • $11,875 Tuition
  • 75% Acceptance Rate
  1. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi

Online Colleges in New York -SUNY Delhi

Located at the foot of the Catskill Mountains, SUNY at Delhi sits a little less than 4 hours outside of New York City. The college has a robust student body of 3,600 representing nearly every part of New York. Another school of the SUNY system, SUNY Delhi has the distinction of receiving the President’s National Honor Roll for Community Service for 9 consecutive years.

  • 39% Graduation Rate
  • 3 Online Programs
  • $7,350 Tuition
  • 68% Acceptance Rate
  1. Mercy College

Online Colleges in New York -Mercy

The only obvious downside to Mercy College is its lower graduation rate. Apart from that, the New York City area college has enormous online offerings with 47 different programs to choose from. On campus, the college offers over 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Another distinctive feature of the school is its recognition as “a bright spot in Hispanic education” by the White House.

  • 34% Graduation Rate
  • 47 Online Programs
  • $17,766 Tuition
  • 72% Acceptance Rate
  1. SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Online Colleges in New York -SUNY Polytechnic

Suny Poly offers two different campus locations in both Albany and Utica-Rome. Formed from a merger between SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and SUNY Institute of Technology, the school offers an exceptional education in various technological fields. The school is also a leader in the emerging fields of nanoscience and nanoengineering.

  • 32% Graduation Rate
  • 8 Online Programs
  • $8,160 Tuition
  • 56% Acceptance Rate
  1. SUNY College of Technology at Canton

Online Colleges in New York -SUNY Canton

SUNY at Canton offers a total of 13 online degrees but focuses on the three areas of engineering technology, business, and health. The 3,200 undergraduate students enjoy a ratio of 17 students to teacher as well as opportunities with 15 division III athletic teams. The Kangaroos are within walking distance of downtown Canton.

  • 29% Graduation Rate
  • 13 Online Programs
  • $16,320 Tuition
  • 81% Acceptance Rate
  1. SUNY Empire State College

Online Colleges in New York -Empire State College

SUNY ESC is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, but offers 35 branch locations across New York. Although SUNY ESC has the lowest graduation rate on the list, one reason the college is special is that students work with faculty mentors to design individual degrees under the umbrella of 9 general areas. Another benefit is that 75% of students receive some type of financial aid.

  • 19% Graduation Rate
  • 36 Online Programs
  • $4,995 Tuition
  • 81% Acceptance Rate

This list was created considering a number of different factors important for the busy-lifestyle aspiring student. Since graduation and progression on to a successful career is the top priority for motivated individuals, graduation rate played the largest role in determining the order of the list. However, tuition rates, location, available services, and overall quality of education were also taken into account.

We know that finding the best school for your unique situation and interests can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve evaluated thousands of school based on the factors most important to you. For more information about our evaluation and ranking system, as well as other lists that were ranked by the factors most important to you, see our methodology page.

If you’re looking for flexibility while still obtaining a quality education, check out the schools on this list.

Are you a school offering top-tier online education, not on this list? Reach out to us today to get featured in a list like this!